About Us

Founded nearly two decades ago TAB Clinical has been guided by the three standards of responsiveness, cost and experience. We are staffed to immediately respond to your clinical needs and thus be more responsive than other CROs. By design, TAB Clinical built a relatively flat organization allowing us to better control operating costs and pass along the savings to our sponsors. TAB Clinical has always retained the most experienced personnel by therapeutic area to ensure your study runs smoothly.

TAB Clinical has proven that when we are more responsive we reduce your start-up time in several ways. Having experienced medical writers allows us to get your protocol FDA and IRB “ready” thus no delays in this critical first step. Our experience allows us to make better decisions about site selections and contract negotiations saving for faster start-up. Having the “right” sites for you study also reduces time for enrollment which is one of the most challenging and time consuming steps of any study. Having experienced monitors and project managers allows TAB Clinical to keep queries to a minimum, have cleaner data and deliver trial data sooner. Our statisticians quickly deliver the necessary trial summary to our medical writers who can then deliver your Final Study Report.